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AI Tools for PowerPoint, Word and PDF

Master presentations and documents with AI

Summarize PowerPoint or Word documents, generate presentations with AI and much more. Start using our AI to boost your productivity.

SlideSpeak Create Presentations with AI

ChatGPT for PowerPoint slides and documents

Give our AI a document and watch the magic...

Simply upload your PPTX, Word or PDF file and ask our AI to summarize it for you. Our ChatGPT-powered platform will generate highly accurate summaries for you.
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Use our AI to create presentations for you. Simply upload a document and ask SlideSpeak to generate a presentation based on the content.
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Our AI understands the content of all documents you've uploaded. Simply ask questions, request summaries and much more.


As smooth as ChatGPT, but with your documents.

Upload your PowerPoint documents and ask questions about the content.

Things you might wonder...

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SlideSpeak AI free?
Yes, for now SlideSpeak is free. This might change in the future, but as of now you're more than welcome to use our platform free of charge. Enjoy!
How and where is my data stored?
All of our customer data is stored fully encrypted and is not shared with any 3rd party. Additionally we use the latest technology to make sure your data is protected. While using our service data might get submitted to OpenAI since we use OpenAI under the hood.
Can SlideSpeak make a presentation for me?
Yes, SlideSpeak can generate presentations with AI. Simply upload a Word or PDF document and our AI can generate a presentation based on the content of your document.
Can I ask questions about multiple documents?
This is a feature we're working on. Please send us a message over the support chat to join the waitlist.
Do you support other document types other than PowerPoint?
Yes, in addition to PowerPoint, we also support Word and PDF document types.

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Your AI to generate presentations and summaries

Chat with your PowerPoint files, ask questions, get summaries, generate presentations and more.