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A direct PowerPoint to PDF converter

Convert your PowerPoint presentations to PDF files online with our FREE PowerPoint to PDF converter. Easily transform PowerPoint (PPTX) slides into secure PDF documents for sharing, printing, or archiving.

With our conversion tool, you can seamlessly switch from PPT to PDF while preserving the original presentation layout and design.


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Our free PowerPoint to PDF converter is incredibly fast, stores your presentations securely with encryption, and produces PDFs that are perfect for sharing and printing. We ensure your converted files maintain the high quality of your original PowerPoint slides.

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We use the latest technology to convert your PPTs to PDF. Need to share a presentation but want assure it can be opened anywhere? We've got you covered. Just upload your file, and we'll transform it into a secure PDF, protected document, maintaining your slides design and layout perfectly.


Why our PowerPoint to PDF converter?

Ever wondered how to convert PowerPoint to PDF? It couldn't be simpler with our converter. Here are just a few reasons...


Our converter supports PPT and PPTX files created with Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, OpenOffice and many other tools. The PDF files we produce are universally compatible too. Open them anywhere.


Create smaller, more manageable files for easy sharing and downloading. PDFs often have reduced file sizes compared to PowerPoint files without compromising quality.


Add a layer of security to your presentations by converting them to password-protected PDFs. Control access and protect sensitive information with encryption features.


Prevent accidental edits to your presentations by converting them to PDF. Share your content confidently, knowing that it will be viewed as intended without the risk of unintended changes.


Embed fonts in your PDFs for presentations that look stunning on any device. Ensure a consistent visual experience, eliminating font discrepancies across screens.


Facilitate hassle-free printing of your presentations. PDFs are optimized for printing, ensuring that your materials look professional and consistent on paper.

Questions about PowerPoint to PDF

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I convert PowerPoint to a locked PDF that is not editable?
Yes, you can convert PowerPoint presentations to locked PDFs that are not editable. Our conversion tool specifically offers the option to create secure, non-editable PDF files from your PPTX presentations. This feature ensures that the content of your presentations remains unchanged and protected from unauthorized edits or alterations. Once converted, the PDF will maintain the visual layout and design of the original PowerPoint, providing a safe way to share your presentations while preserving their integrity.
Can I convert a broken PPT or PPTX to PDF?
Converting a broken or corrupted PPT or PPTX file to PDF might be challenging, as the success of the conversion depends on the extent of the damage to the file. If the file can still be opened in PowerPoint or a similar program, our tool may be able to convert it to PDF. However, if the file is severely damaged and cannot be opened, it's unlikely that the conversion process will succeed. In such cases, repairing the file or recovering its content using specialized software is recommended before attempting conversion.
Can PowerPoint directly export PDF?
Yes, PowerPoint can directly export presentations to PDF format. This feature allows you to save your slides as a PDF file, preserving the layout, formatting, and design of your presentation. To do this, simply go to the "File" menu in PowerPoint, choose "Export" or "Save As," and then select PDF as the file type. This process creates a PDF document of your presentation that can be easily shared, printed, or viewed on devices without PowerPoint installed. See here.
Can I convert a PDF file to PowerPoint?
Yes, you can convert a PDF file to a PowerPoint presentation. Using a PDF to PowerPoint converter tool, you can transform the content of a PDF into a PPT or PPTX file, making it easy to edit and present. The conversion process aims to preserve the original layout and formatting as much as possible, although complex elements like tables and detailed graphics may require some adjustments. This feature is useful for repurposing PDF content into a format suitable for presentations and collaborative editing in PowerPoint.
Can I convert Google Slides to PDF?
Yes, you can convert Google Slides presentations to PDF format directly within Google Slides. This feature allows you to save your slides as a PDF file, keeping the design and layout intact for sharing, printing, or viewing on devices where Google Slides might not be available. To do this, simply open your presentation in Google Slides, go to the "File" menu, select "Download," and then choose "PDF Document (.pdf)." This process creates a PDF version of your presentation, making it easily accessible across different platforms.