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SlideSpeak API

Integrate our API and automate workflows with ease. Generate presentations and summarize PowerPoints, PDFs, Word documents and more using our API.

SlideSpeak API Demo Command
Use Cases

API Functionality

Request a summary for any given document that we support (docx, pdf, pptx).

The API endpoint supports the following parameters:

  • length Length of the summary
  • language Language of the summary

Summarize PowerPoint API Example
Generate PowerPoint API Example

Automatically generate PowerPoint presentations with AI from documents (PDF, Word), text or a specific JSON.

The API endpoint supports the following parameters:

  • docId Source Document ID
  • length Length of the presentation
  • language Language of the presentation
  • images[] Images to be used
  • tone Writing style of the presentation
  • template Presentation template to use

Our highly trained AI understands your PDFs, PowerPoints and Word documents. Shoot any question against our API and get answers. Our document chat API is based on GPT 3.5 and GPT 4.

  • docId ID of the document
  • message Message or question to prompt
  • language Language of the response

Chat with PowerPoint API Example

Simple Integration

Integrate with our modern JSON API with pretty much any programming language out there.

Our pricing is based on requests and very transparent. Need a custom plan, reach out!

Whether you’re building an experimental or an advanced app, our API is super easy to integrate.

Build amazing workflows with our API