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Use our AI to generate PowerPoint presentations from Word, PDF or plain text.

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Upload your Word, Text or PDF file. Our AI will extract all information to generate your PowerPoint. Saving you hours of work, like really!


Simply click on "Generate Presentation" and our AI will generate a PowerPoint presentation with the content of your documents.


Once you're happy with the presentation, simply download it as PPTX and open it in Microsoft PowerPoint.


ChatGPT-powered Presentation Generator

Upload documents and generate presentations with 1 click.

The fastest way to create presentations, fueled by AI

Our ChatGPT-powered AI will generate presentations with multiple slides within a few clicks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is SlideSpeak a FREE PowerPoint generator?
Yes, SlideSpeak can be used for free for up to 1 file. If you want to generate multiple presentations we recommend you to subscribe to one of our paid plans, check out our pricing page here.
How and where is my data stored?
All of our customer data is stored fully encrypted and is not shared with any 3rd party. Additionally we use the latest technology to make sure your data is protected. While using our service data might get submitted to OpenAI since we use OpenAI under the hood.
What is the best AI PowerPoint generator?
SlideSpeak is one of the top tools to generate PowerPoints in the market. Other tools to generate presentations are Microsoft Copilot, SlidesAI and SlideGo.
Can Chat GPT generate PowerPoints?
No, unfortunately Chat GPT can not directly generate PowerPoint. But you can instruct Chat GPT to give you text for individual slides based on a context you provide. If you're looking for an easier way to generate PowerPoint presentations, we recommend you use something like SlideSpeak.
How to use ChatGPT to generate PowerPoint Slides?
You can't directly generate PowerPoint files with ChatGPT. In order to generate text for individual slides for a presentation you can prompt ChatGPT with something similar to "Generate me the text for a PowerPoint slide that summarizes the context below". Otherwise we highly recommend using a 3rd party service like

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