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Questions about importing PowerPoint in Figma

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I convert PowerPoint slides to Figma while keeping animations?
Animations in PowerPoint can't be transferred to Figma files directly because Figma works differently and doesn't support PowerPoint's animation types. However, you can convert each slide into a Figma file that keeps the slide's design and visual elements. For animations, you'll need to recreate them using Figma's animation features. Smart animate for the win!
Can I import a PowerPoint file in Figma with editable text?
When converting PowerPoint presentations to Figma, text elements are preserved as editable text layers. This means you can continue to edit your text directly in Figma, allowing for easy adjustments to font, size, color, and other properties. This feature makes it simpler to modify and update your presentation content within Figma.
Can I convert Google Slides presentations directly into Figma files?
Converting Google Slides presentations directly to Figma files requires exporting the slides as images or SVG files first, as there's no direct conversion path. Once exported, these files can be imported into Figma for further design and collaboration. This method preserves the visual aspect of your slides while allowing you to utilize Figma’s extensive design capabilities.
Will charts from PowerPoint remain editable when converted to Figma?
Charts from PowerPoint will be converted into static images when transferred to Figma, losing their editability as dynamic charts. To edit these charts in Figma, you would need to recreate them using Figma’s vector tools or integrate with Figma’s graph plugins for dynamic data visualization, allowing for a blend of design and data.
Are there any plugins to import PowerPoint presentations into Figma directly?
While Figma supports a wide range of plugins for various functions, importing PowerPoint presentations directly into Figma typically involves first converting the slides into a compatible format, such as images or SVGs. However, developers and the Figma community continuously create new plugins, so it's worth checking Figma’s plugin library for any new tools that facilitate direct PowerPoint imports, enhancing workflow efficiency. There is a direct converter available here.