SlideSpeak GPT: A GPT to create presentations

Use our GPT to generate PowerPoint presentations directly in ChatGPT. Start today!


Compose your presentation ideas in text, and let SlideSpeak's Presentation GPT transform them into visually stunning slides.


Use the power of SlideSpeak's Presentation GPT API to generate presentations based on your text input


Whether it's business pitches, educational content, or creative storytelling, Presentation GPT adapt to bring your unique content to life.

How it works

Hundreds of people use SlideSpeak AI every day to create PowerPoints and presentations.

Search for “Presentation GPT by SlideSpeak” from the Explore GPTs page in ChatGPT or click here to visit the page from this link.


Type your presentation topic and click on the send button to start generating your presentation.

Review the generated slides and refine as needed to ensure the final presentation aligns perfectly with your vision.


Here's why people use SlideSpeak

Thousands of people use SlideSpeak AI every day to create PowerPoints and presentations.


Save valuable time. Our AI streamlines the presentation process, allowing you to focus on content.


Save time and streamline your creative process with the effortless generation of presentations through SlideSpeak's Presentation GPT.


Enjoy the precision of AI in crafting presentations, ensuring a polished and professional outcome with every text input

Frequently Asked Questions

Can SlideSpeak generate PowerPoint files using AI?
Yes, SlideSpeak allows you to generate presentations with AI and later download them as PPTX files (PowerPoint). You can then edit the presentation directly in Microsoft PowerPoint.
Can I add a custom PowerPoint template?
As of right now this feature is in beta. But we're working hard to allow you to specify your own PowerPoint templates so your presentations match your brand guidlines.
Do the AI generated presentations contain images?
SlideSpeak currently generates presentations that also contain images from stock photo databases. The license for these image have been cleared and are free to use for commercial and individual usage.
I don't have a ChatGPT Premium subscription can I still use this?
Unfortunately GPTs are currently only available to paid ChatGPT users. You can use our SlideSpeak AI Presentation feature instead.