Summarize Word Docs with ChatGPT

Ever been swamped with annoying Word documents and limited time? It doesn’t really matter if you’re a student, consultant, or any other professional, Word documents are everywhere. Thankfully ChatGPT and AI are here to help us . The process of summarizing and extracting information from Word documents has become much simpler and efficient. This article will dig into the various AI tools available for summarizing Word documents and the advantages they bring.

Why Summarize a Word Document?

  • Consultants: For consultants summarizing large reports can be crucial. It allows them to extract essential details and understand the content without having to go through the entire material.
  • Students: Students often have to review numerous articles or books for classes and exams. A summarizing AI can help them in focusing on key takeaways for studies or assignments.
  • Other Professionals: For professionals in various industries, summarizing documents can help in faster decision-making, quick referencing, and ensuring that nothing critical is overlooked.

Top AI Tools to Summarize Word Documents

  • Originally designed for PowerPoint files, now supports Word Documents. It’s a convenient option for those looking to get concise summaries of their files, be it presentations or documents.
  • ChatGPT: Using ChatGPT directly can be an effective way to get document summaries. With its advanced natural language processing capabilities, it can efficiently narrow down the most crucial information from a document.
  • Intellippt: This AI-powered tool, originally highlighted for PDFs, is an excellent resource for summarizing. As search results suggest, Intellippt uses advanced algorithms to provide a summarized text with enhanced readability and comprehension.
  • QuillBot Summarize: Another worthy mention is QuillBot’s Summarize tool. It allows users to condense articles, papers, or documents into the most relevant information while preserving the original context.
  • PDFgear: Though primarily touted for PDFs, the integrated AI in PDFgear can perform document summarization efficiently.
  • ChatPDF: ChatPDF acts as a document summarizer by interacting with the content, answering questions, and extracting essential details.

How to Use AI Tools

While the specific steps may vary slightly based on the chosen tool, the general approach is straightforward:

  1. Upload the Document: Most tools will have an option where you can upload your Word file.
  2. Customize Summary Preferences: Some platforms, like Intellippt, offer a slider to adjust the summary’s size, allowing you to decide how concise you want it to be. For some tools you have to use a chat interface and simply as the AI to “Summarize this document for me in 5 sentences”.
  3. Process and Retrieve: After uploading and setting your preferences, the AI will process the document and provide a summary.

Microsoft Copilot: The Future of AI Summarization?

Microsoft Copilot for Word

Microsoft is currently investing its resources in the development of Copilot. It promises to assist with AI-related tasks, including document summarization. While it’s still in the works, the introduction of Copilot could significantly redefine how we utilize AI for tasks like summarization.

You can read more about Microsofts announcement here:

In Conclusion

AI-powered tools have already revolutionized the way we deal with extensive documents. Whether you’re a student, consultant, or professional, these tools can save you time and ensure you get the gist without compromising the context. So the next time you’re faced with a lengthy Word document, remember, there’s probably an AI tool out there ready to lend a helping hand.


Q: Is there an AI that can summarize a PDF?

A: Yes, there are several AI-powered tools like Intellippt and ChatPDF that can effectively summarize PDFs, converting lengthy content into concise summaries.

Q: How do you summarize a PDF in Open AI?

A: To summarize a PDF in OpenAI, use the Summarize window, select your desired PDF file, choose the style of summary, input your OpenAI key, set the maximum tokens for processing, and click the “GO” button to generate your summary.

Q: Is there an AI for summarizing?

A: Absolutely! QuillBot Summarize, Intellippt, and ChatPDF are just a few examples of AI tools specifically designed to summarize text content, whether in Word or PDF format.

Q: How do you Analyse a PDF with AI?

A: Many AI tools allow you to analyze PDFs by uploading the file to their platform, where the tool processes the content to identify and extract the main ideas or even answer specific questions about the content.

Q: What is the best AI tool to summarize documents?

A: The answer may vary depending on specific needs. Tools like, Intellippt, and QuillBot are among the top contenders. It’s advisable to try multiple options and decide based on personal preferences and the tool’s effectiveness.

Q: How do you summarize a PDF document?

A: This can be achieved using AI tools like PDFgear or ChatPDF. You upload the PDF, adjust summary settings if available, and let the tool generate a concise summary for you.

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