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We’re extremely proud to announce the SlideSpeak API, an AI-powered API for presentations using ChatGPT. Using the API you can now easily automate presentation summarization and generation within your own products or workflows.

TLDR: Sign up for the waitlist to get access to our API here.

As pioneers in AI-powered presentation tools, we’re opening up our technology to developers through this modern JSON REST API.

The SlideSpeak API allows you to easily integrate our core functionality into your own apps and workflows. Key features include:

  • Summarize Presentation API: Generate summaries of PowerPoints, PDFs, Word docs and more by passing in the document and specifying summary length and language. Perfect for quickly distilling key points from long reports.
  • Generate Presentation API: Automatically create PowerPoint presentations from text, documents like PDFs and Word files, or custom JSON. Set parameters like length, images, tone and templates to produce polished slides tailored to your needs.
  • Chat with Documents API: Ask questions about a presentation or document and receive answers powered by large language models like GPT-3.5 and GPT-4. Just provide the document ID and question text to get thoughtful, researched responses.

API Pricing

The SlideSpeak API offers simple pay-as-you-go pricing based on the number of requests, making costs predictable as your usage scales. There are no minimum fees or commitments required. Just sign up for a free account to start issuing 250 requests/month, then upgrade one of our paid plans as needed for higher monthly limits.

With painless setup and integration using any major programming language, you can quickly build SlideSpeak capabilities into internal tools, client deliverables, or even new products. The documentation walks through examples for calling the API from languages like Python, Node, C# and more.

API Use Cases

Some possible SlideSpeak API use cases could include:

  • Creating reports on a monthly or annual basis
  • Summarizing presentations, sales decks, and reports for sales teams to speed up lead qualification
  • Automating pitching deck generation for startups seeking funding so they can spend more time on content
  • Dynamically creating personalized, localized slide decks for each target customer segment
  • Building a QA bot that can instantly answer questions about files, reports or meeting presentations
  • Transcribing audio recordings of talks and meetings into concise, visually structured slides
  • Integrating presentation assistance into enterprise productivity and creativity suites through add-ons and plugins

Let’s dig into some of the use cases in more detail…

Create Reports with our AI-Powered API

One especially impactful use case for the SlideSpeak API is to automatically create reports. The Generate Presentation API enables you to instantly convert raw data or blocks of text into polished, visually compelling slides ready for stakeholders or customers.

Example of an AI generated report presentation

Simply feed the Presentation API sales figures, financial metrics, survey results or any other crucial data. Specify the desired report length, visual style and PowerPoint template. Within seconds, you’ll have professionally designed slides highlighting insights, trends and recommendations as a PowerPoint.

The Summarize Presentation API can also digest reports or data analysis conducted outside your organization. Pass in a competitor’s annual filing, marketing research presentation from an agency partner or any other external document. Rapidly distill the key takeaways into a condensed slide deck usable for internal strategy planning.

For enterprises that produce volumes of monthly, quarterly or annual reports, leveraging these APIs results in massive time savings. Reporting teams are freed up to focus their efforts on analysis versus creation. And consistency improves across all outputs as reports tapping the SlideSpeak API share polished, standardized formats.

Summarizing Presentations using the API

The SlideSpeak Summarize Presentation API is purpose-built for efficiently distilling key messages from slide decks and PowerPoints. Simply pass in a PowerPoint, PDF presentation, or even a Word document of talk transcripts. Specify the desired summary length, such as a concise 1-2 page brief. Within seconds, you’ll receive professionally worded slides highlighting the core ideas, data, conclusions and recommendations from the full presentation.

Summary generated with SlideSpeak AI

Ideal real world use-cases include getting management up-to-speed, prepping analysts to give informed opinions, or creating abstracts for archives and search. The flexibility to work across input formats combined with the speed and quality of outputs makes the Summarize Presentation API uniquely suited to presentation digestion at scale.

A few last words…

In the same way APIs accelerated website and mobile development by abstracting away much complexity, the SlideSpeak API brings similar efficiency gains to presentation design. It’s never been faster or easier to translate raw data into boardroom-ready slides.

The SlideSpeak API opens up exciting possibilities for startups and studios to enrich their offerings. No more reliance solely on generic API platforms – now you can tap into tailored presentation intelligence.

We built SlideSpeak to give anyone presentation superpowers through AI SaaS solutions. Now with the SlideSpeak API, those same capabilities are accessible right within your own applications via API calls. Sign up for API access today and let us know what innovative ideas you come up with! We can’t wait to see all the creative ways developers integrate SlideSpeak into their projects.

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