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We are excited to announce the launch of a powerful new custom branding feature in our AI presentation maker tool SlideSpeak. This update allows users to create professional, visually appealing presentations that align perfectly with their brand identity.

As leaders in AI presentation software, we are committed to providing features that save time while producing PowerPoint slides. We know that having presentations match your brand guidelines in terms of fonts, colors, and logos is extremely important for maintaining consistency across all documents. Our new custom branding settings make achieving this easier than ever.

Brand Settings in SlideSpeak

Simple Brand Identity Configuration

Through an intuitive interface, you can now define your brand style guide elements like colors, font families and logos right within the application. This creates a stored brand profile that will automatically style all subsequently created presentations to match your specifications.


Define colors using HEX codes or a visual color picker. Defining the appropriate color palette is an integral part of any visual brand identity. When creating presentations, using colors that align with branding is key for maintaining consistency across slides, graphics, and text elements.

Custom colors in PowerPoint


Having your logo prominently displayed on the opening title slide sets the tone for a professionally branded deck. We make incorporating your exact logo artwork easy through supported image formats.

The brand settings allows uploading your logo in the following file types:

  • PNG Files
  • JPG Files
  • SVG Vector Graphics
Custom logo in presentation


As of right now we support only predefined fonts. We are working on bringing more font options to you over the next couple of weeks. An other feature for you to upload customer fonts is also currently under development.

Once your brand identity is set up, the AI generator will handle applying all defined style elements to title slides, section divider layouts, graphic color schemes, and everything in between.

Brand Consistency Across All Presentation Content

The custom branding integration spans beyond just theme-level styling. For instance, when using our AI to generate slides from a PDF or existing PowerPoint file, the injected titles, bullets, and graphic elements will all adhere to the configured brand profile. Even slides created from scratch to cover a topic will match.

Maintaining a reliable brand identity is crucial for companies and teams. This feature delivers that advantage to our already robust AI presentation creator toolkit.

Having defined the visual brand standards, you can utilize all application features with full confidence that outputs exhibit consistency. Our AI will handle perfectly applying brand colors, logo placement, preferred fonts, etc.

This means you can focus purely on content while eliminating worries about formatting corrections or playing brand police to AI outputs. Changes are also a cinch by simply updating styles in your profile.

Benefits of Custom Branding in Our AI Presentation Maker

There are many advantages to leveraging the custom branding capability when using our artificial intelligence presentation creator:

  • Maintain brand consistency – Define once for font, color, logo, etc. so everything matches
  • Produce polished, visually appealing slides aligned to brand guidelines
  • Avoid manually fixing branding/style issues in AI-generated presentations
  • Confidently create slides & graphics on-brand from PDFs, PPTs, or topics
  • Easy global styling updates by changing the brand profile
  • Visual comparisons for color codes, fonts, etc. aid configuration
  • Works perfectly together with our AI generate presentation assistants

By using the custom branding feature for your business needs, you can save immense time while avoiding brand guideline missteps. Let our leading AI presentation maker handle upholding your visual identity.

Sign up today to configure your unique brand profile and immediately elevate presentation decks. Please contact our team with any questions!

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