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Academics can be a major drag. The tedious papers, cramming for exams, analyzing boring books– they can be total headaches. The good thing is that you can always hack your studying and make school less dull and a little easier. Introducing GPTs for Students. 

Think of GPTs for students as a transformative AI-powered tool developed to help you in many aspects of your studies. Think of them like personal tutors, research gurus, and essay editors inside your devices – one tap away to help you in writing, research, time management, and more.

But where can you find these tools? Check out GPT Store, ChatGPT’s main catalog for useful and popular custom versions of ChatGPT.

Fun Fact: At SlideSpeak we recently announced a GPT to directly generate PowerPoints inside of ChatGPT, check it out: https://slidespeak.co/gpt-to-create-presentations/.

This blog post is part of a series to find the best GPTs. Here’s our Best GPTs for Business post.

ChatGPT GPT Store Overview
ChatGPT GPT Store Overview

Since the launching of its GPTs, ChatGPT has made it possible for the community to produce custom versions of ChatGPT that work for their targeted purposes. Regardless of your use cases – may it be for DALL-E-powered GPTs, for Writing, Productivity, Research & Analysis, Programming, Education, or Lifestyle – name it, the GPT Store has it.

As a user, you can now browse the store and check out its Top Picks, the current Trending, and its Featured GPTs per function.

Disclaimer: As of right now GPTs are only available to users on a paid ChatGPT plan. ChatGPT Plus comes at a price of $20/m.

In this article, we’ll dig into the GPT Store and list the top 15 GPTs that are perfect for students just like you. Whether you need help with writing, math, presentations, or data analysis, these tools have got you covered. 

Let’s dive in.

Top 15 GPTs for Students

1. Tutor Me GPT by Khan Academy

Tutor Me GPT in GPT Store
GPT Tutor Me Demo

Everybody knows Khan Academy for its helpful educational online courses. This time, this popular online education platform joins the GPT rush with its very own GPT for students. Tutor Me is a fantastic GPT with a Socratic-style chat approach to help you grasp difficult topics with ease. That means question-and-answer approach that does not give you the answer directly.

Yes, it won’t do your work for you.  Instead of giving straight answers, it will simply ask you questions to help you think through problems. It is perfect for you to really understand the topic instead of just being dependent on quick, simplistic responses without really learning anything.

2. GPT for Students: Presentation Creator by SlideSpeak

SlideSpeak Presentation GPT Landing page
SlideSpeak Presentation GPT Landing Page

Last but not the least in our list is Presentation Creator by SlideSpeak. Within seconds, you can pull up PowerPoint presentations for just any topic you can think of! How does it work though? Easy.

Presentation GPT by SlideSpeak Demo
Presentation GPT by SlideSpeak Demo

Simply type your prompt and Presentation Creator by SlideSpeak will take it from there. 

AI Presentation from Presentation GPT SlideSpeak
AI Presentation from Presentation GPT SlideSpeak

Once done, you can easily download your presentation or even regenerate for better results. 

3. Canva

Canva Landing Page
Canva Website

You’re not living under the rock, so you surely have heard about Canva already. It is an excellent tool for students if you need to create visually stunning slide presentations, infographics, documents, and other visual content. Further, with its user-friendly interface and extensive library of templates, Canva makes it easy for you to express your ideas creatively.

To use it in ChatGPT, you just need to type your prompt and it should take care of the output for you. 

Canva GPT Demo

Need a visually appealing template for an infographic? Just say so. Canva GPT will produce an easily editable visual for you. Just click the media and it should redirect you to Canva, so you can add some of your personal touches.

Canva Infographic generated by Canva GPT
Canva Infographic generated by Canva GPT

4. GPT for Students by consensus.app: Consensus

Consensus AI Research Landing Page
Consensus AI Research Landing Page

Struggling with your research paper? Consensus by consensus.app is the GPT for you. This Research Assistant allows you to search over 200M academic papers, giving you science-based insights (with references and citations) for your research papers. 

Consensus GPT Demo
Consensus GPT Demo

Not just that. This research GPT can also help you draft effective research content, again with accurate citations.

Consensus GPT Research Paper Demo
Consensus GPT Research Paper Demo

5. GPT for Students by helpful.dev: Diagrams – Show Me

Diagram GPT - Show Me
Diagram GPT – Show Me

Show Me is a handy GPT for students studying subjects that require visual representations, such as science, mathematics, and engineering. 

Do you need a sequence diagram explaining the internet or maybe a mindmap of Martin Luther King Jr. ideas? This GPT can easily create a visual diagram which you can easily edit and download as an image file. 

6. Write For Me by puzzle.today

Write for me GPT Demo
Write for me GPT Demo

Stuck with a writer’s block? No worries. Write For Me is the perfect solution to help you finally complete that dreaded easy. 

Using this GPT, you can also outline your essays, so you can finally structure a well-written composition. It can also refine your writing style for a quality write-up that matches your tone and your desired word count.

7. Humanizer Pro by charlygpts.com

Humanizer GPT Demo
Humanizer GPT Demo

Generated AI text can sometimes feel so rigid, robotic, and inorganic. Not only is it bad news among AI detectors, but it can also appear as a poorly written output. Never get caught cheating with ChatGPT again 🤘

Humanizer Pro is your GPT for this case. It can generate personalized advice as well as human-like responses to make your content feel natural and engaging. Simply paste your text (preferably less than 1000-word count) to the chat and it will not only improve your piece but also make it yours.

8. Scholar GPT by awesomegtps.ai

Scholar GPT Demo
Scholar GPT – Latest events and research

Scholar GPT is a research tool with a rather larger resources access compared to Tutor Me which only searches within its website learning hub in Khan Academy. This GPT helps you with your research by accessing resource pools such as Google Scholar, PubMed, JSTOR, Arxiv, and more. 

With its vast knowledge base and ability to generate scholarly content, this tool is a must-have especially if you’re pursuing higher education.

9. Data Analyst by ChatGPT

Data Analyst to analyze XLS and CSV
Data Analyst to analyze XLS and CSV

Too many materials to read can sometimes be overwhelming. You don’t want a fried brain and that is what Data Analyst is for. 

Data Analyst by ChatGPT is a powerful tool you can use if you’re studying data science, statistics, or any field that involves data analysis. With this tool, you can interpret and visualize data, as well as simplify complex data sets. Not only is this good for visual understanding, but is also a perfect partner for your research studies. Yes, it can surely be a perfect partner for Scholar GPT. With Data Analyst you can easily analyze date in Excel (XLS), CSV or other common data formats.

10. Professional Writing Coach 

Writing Coach GPT - Feedback for text
Writing Coach GPT – Feedback for text

Unsure about the email you want to send to your professor? Anxious about how you structured your personal essay? This Professional Writing Coach is tailored just for you. 

With in-depth knowledge of different writing styles and tones, this GPT coach can help you improve your writing skills through some helpful feedback on your grammar, style, and overall structure. 

11. GPT for Students: Text Extractor

Extract text from image and PDF with GPT
Extract text from image and PDF with GPT

If you have an image with text that you want to copy and edit, Text Extractor is that handy tool you need. Through ChatGPT, you can upload the file you wish to use – it can be large texts or documents, and Text Extractor can easily extract the texts from them. And if you prefer a summary of a particular file, Text Extractor can also do that for you. 

Think about it like OCR directly in ChatGPT, for FREE. What is there not to like. Definitely one of the top GPTs for students.

This can be incredibly useful for research projects, essay writing, and academic study.

12. Document Assistant

Summarize PDF with GPT
Summarize PDF with GPT

Long reading materials and you don’t have much time to read through everything? Simply upload the file into Document Assistant and this GPT will take it from there. From file summary to text extractions, Document Assistant is the perfect GPT for students. 

You can also ask specific questions about the document, so if you are simply looking for some answers, Document Assistant can also be that perfect study partner. 

13. Essay Writer

Essay GPT Demo
Essay GPT Demo

Not everyone of us can be a writer. But if you’re struggling to get started, Essay Writer is an expert helper from essaypro.com

It can help you structure your essay and even develop compelling arguments. No matter the subject matter, Essay Writer can help you craft well-organized and persuasive essays in no time.

14. Math Solver

Math GPT Demo
Math GPT Demo

We share the same dread when it comes to mathematics. It’s not easy and it can sometimes be a real pain. So, if you’re having issues solving complex math problems, Math Solver is a powerful GPT from studyx.ai

It can help you tackle challenging mathematical concepts, solve equations, and verify solutions. From calculating the area of a circle to more complicated integral functions, Math Solver is that math genius friend.

15. Books

Books GPT
Books GPT

Being a good reader is a good skill to develop as a student. It teaches you comprehension, language, and some impressive general and in-depth understanding of the world.

In response to that, Books is a helpful GPT which you can ask for some good book recommendations across many genres. From historical functions to classical literatures, Books can give you their synopsis.

The Bottom Line: Top GPTs for Students

GPTs are transforming education and you can use the GPTs above for a better learning journey. Whether you need help with writing, research, data analysis, or presentation creation, these GPTs are tailored to help you with that. Take advantage of these amazing GPTs for students and maximize your productivity, finish your tasks faster, and ultimately, get those well-deserved accolades! Give them a try!

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