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The game has changed for businesses. OpenAIs ChatGPT, with its advanced GPT-4 technology, is already a game-changer. It’s boosting productivity and creativity and saves us all so much time already. But wait, there’s more! The ChatGPT plugin store announced by OpenAI a few weeks back unlocks so many new ways by giving your access to custom GPTs. GPTs are designed to tackle specific business challenges and help you solve those. Imagine you already have a fine-tuned version in ChatGPT for each specific use-case.

Here are some examples:

  • A GPT for writing SEO blog posts
  • A GPT to generate infographics
  • A GPT to summarize PDFs

Ready to dive in? This article is your roadmap to navigating the top GPTs for business. We’ll dig into the top GPTs for various tasks, from marketing and content writing to customer service and data analysis. Discover how these powerful GPTs can streamline your workflow, unlock new insights, and increase your business productivity even further.

But first, a quick heads-up:

  • We’ll explain how GPTs work and why they matter for businesses.
  • We’ll break down the different types of GPTs for businesses available.
  • We’ll showcase the best GPTs for various business needs, with clear explanations and real-world examples.
  • We’ll guide you through choosing the right GPT for your specific goals.

TLDR: Looking for a GPT create presentations? Check out: https://slidespeak.co/gpt-to-create-presentations/

This blog post is part of a series to find the best GPTs. Here’s our Best GPTs for Students post.

Open AI, CHatGPT, Best GPT’s for Business
OpenAI and ChatGPT

Understanding GPTs

Basically, GPTs, a significant breakthrough in artificial intelligence (AI), are produced by pre-trained transformers. Users can tailor GPTs to their unique requirements through creativity, customization, integration, and online sharing capabilities.

Businesses globally have reaped significant rewards by integrating GPTs into their daily operations, resulting in increased productivity, efficient time management, heightened customer satisfaction, and a competitive edge without a doubt.

Effective GPTs Every Business Should Have

Diagrams: Show Me

Link: click here

Diagrams: Show Me Logo- best gpts for business
Diagrams GPT

Users can craft diagrams to match their unique style, complete with an export function prior to convenience. Whether it’s flow charts, mind maps, architectural visualizations, or schemes, Show Me offers various types of diagrams to meet your needs.

Steps to use:

  • Open Diagram: Show Me GPT
  • Choose your desired diagram type.
  • Input details for the diagram.
  • Edit the generated diagram if necessary.
  • Export the finalized diagram for your use.

 Let’s say you are going to open a new bar in your hometown and the final step is to have a Menu with bar drinks of course, You can simply ask Show Me to develop a mind map of such drinks and have ideas for developing the unique and well-organised menu. Plus, you can make changes and download the final version for free.

Diagram from GPT for Biz

SlideSpeak: The best GPT for businesses presentations

Link: click here

slidespeak-gpts-for-businesses Logo
best gpts for business
SlideSpeak Presentation GPT

In today’s fast-paced biz world, effective presentations are essential for success. However, creating compelling slides can be time-consuming and challenging. That’s where GPT based Presentation Creator – SlideSpeak comes in. This innovative tool empowers you to craft professional PowerPoint presentations in seconds, revolutionizing the way you communicate with your audience as much as possible.

Other features besides the creation of unique presentations:

  • Summarize Presentation API: Quickly condense long documents like PowerPoints or PDFs into short summaries. Just tell it how short you want it and what language you prefer.
  • Chat with Documents API: Have a chat with your documents! Ask questions and get smart answers, thanks to fancy language technology. Just give it the document ID and ask away. 

But one of the most thrilling aspects is the ability to generate presentations for your business in moments allowing you to stay agile and responsive in a rapidly evolving market.

Steps to use:

  • Upload your Word, Text, or PDF file, and our AI will extract all the information to create your PowerPoint presentation. This saves you hours of work!
  • Just click on “Generate Presentation,” and SlideSpeak will swiftly generate a PowerPoint presentation with the content from your documents.
  • Once you’re satisfied with the presentation, download it as a PPTX file and open it in Microsoft PowerPoint. It’s that easy!

Before you step into the market, it’s crucial to understand your competitors and learn from their strategies. SlideSpeak can assist here. I asked it to analyze Tesla’s strategy and create a presentation, making it easy for me to dive into the details and gain insights.

slidespeak request tesla, gpt for business

The outcome is truly remarkable. Now, this must be remembered: there’s no need to hire a team of individuals to perform tasks that AI can accomplish just as well, if not better, and with consistent quality.

Tesla presentation, GPTs for business, SlideSpeak

You can regenerate, edit, and download it for your specific needs. The possibilities are endless here – you can:

  • Summarize meeting notes
  • Generate various types of reports
  • Draft professional emails
  • Craft SEO blog posts
  • Create PR releases

And the list goes on and on, certainly covering a wide range of tasks and projects.

SlideSpeak is a real game-changer for businesses among other GPTs looking to elevate their presentations. With its intuitive features, AI-powered assistance, and seamless workflow, it’s time to revolutionize the way you present. Try SlideSpeak today and take your presentations to new heights!

Data Analyst – GPT to Analyze Data

Link: click here

Data Analyst Logo, Best GPTs for business
Data Analyst GPT

This versatile tool can handle various data types and file formats, making it ideal for business professionals seeking in-depth insights from their data.

Steps to use:

  • Upload your files.
  • Data Analyst will process them automatically.
  • Use the insights provided as needed. 

Are you interested in analyzing your sales report?

sales report overview-best gpts for business

Feel free to proceed; once you upload your file (random example in my case), it will initiate.

Data analyst answer

Then, because it’s highly intelligent, it will promptly inquire, following a swift analysis, about the specific type of data you require, providing you with the desired answer.

Second answer from data analyst gpt

Logo CreatorGPT that every business should use

Link: click here

Logo Creator
Logo Creator GPT

Create stunning logos that reflect your business identity. Tap into a world of design and imagination with custom-generated logos tailored to your style and brand.

Steps to use:

  • Specify the details you want in your logo, such as colors, industry, names, etc.
  • Logo Creator will generate several designs for you to review. Comparatively, choose the one that best fits your brand.
  • Make adjustments as necessary to ensure it meets your standards.

Who doesn’t adore ice cream? It’s a treat enjoyed by all, right? If you want your ice cream van to make a lasting impression, you’ll need a standout logo. Just share some key details about your business, and answer a few simple questions, and you’ll be able to download your personalized logo in no time.

Logo Creator Request

And don’t forget – there’s someone out there who actually shelled out $5000 to freelancers to design their logo, while others simply used ChatGPT for the job!

Logo Creator final result

May – The perfect Customer Service GPT

Link: click here

May logo, chat gpt
May GPT for Customer Support

Another good best GPT for business. Always prepared to assist with customer service-related matters, May offers guidance in resolving any queries associated with customer service.

Steps to use:

  • Provide detailed information to help the GPT understand the content of your problem.
  • May will generate practical solutions with a step-by-step approach.
  • Effectively implement the solutions to address your customer service issues.

The key to thriving in business is the capacity to cultivate strong, enduring relationships with customers. With May it can be done in a very professional manner. Check out the example below:

MayGPT Rejecting Refund

It not only drafts the email for you, but also provides suggestions and prompts regarding key points in the realm of customer relationships.

May key points

Link: click here

Trend Tracker logo business
Trend Tracker GPT

Discover the latest social media trends and their impact without delay. From Instagram and Twitter to Meta and TikTok, delve into discussions on topics, trending hashtags, and the real-time reach of these trends. Never miss out on what’s trending in the digital world.


  • Generates the top trends on Instagram along with the number of mentions for each trend.
  • Provides insights on top hashtag trends and their popularity.
  • Displays 20 trending topics on TikTok.
  • Meta (formerly Facebook) uncovers the most discussed topics and their respective mention counts.

To remain aligned with your audience, your business must keep up with the latest trends. Explore “Top of the Trends” for mentions and gain insights into how you can incorporate them into your Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, or any other platform. It’s an invaluable resource for social media managers too so far.

Trend tracker gpt business

DesignerGPT – GPT to Design inside ChatGPT

Link: click here

DesignerGPT for business

For businesses and individuals seeking an online presence, DesignerGPT provides an excellent solution for creating and hosting attractive websites in any case. Establish your website quickly and easily, especially with minimal technical knowledge.

Steps to use:

  • Describe your vision, including your website’s purpose, style, features, and content.
  • DesignerGPT will generate design options and templates based on your input.
  • Choose your preferred design, complete it, and DesignerGPT will assist with hosting your website.

Are you looking to launder your money discreetly? Undoubtedly consider using a car wash, just like in “Breaking Bad”. And remember to create a sleek webpage design for it to maintain a low suspicion in that case.

DesignerGPT request

Wrapping Things Up

Finally, Businesses aiming for excellence and innovation must adapt to technology. The incorporation of the following best GPTs for businesses is in high demand and brings advancements for businesses to thrive, boost productivity, and streamline workflows. While many ChatGPTs are free to use, premium paid versions offer additional features. With GPTs tailored for various roles and sectors in the business community, for this reason, all you need to do is open a ChatGPT account and embark on your AI journey.

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