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The best ChatGPT plugins for students are transforming the way we approach all sorts of tasks while studying. As students, we put a lot of work into tedious tasks which could take up hours of our precious time. AI and ChatGPT in particular have made these tasks a lot easier, allowing us to study more efficiently and organize our work better. There’s tons of study hacks and tricks on how to use ChatGPT to help with manual tasks, assignments and presentations.

ChatGPT has emerged as the leading virtual assistant, capable of assisting with numerous tasks like writing, problem-solving, summarizing, and analysis. But did you know that ChatGPT plugins can further enhance ChatGPT’s capabilities? These plugins are essentially third-party integrations that allow ChatGPT to access and utilize various external tools, services, and data sources. Students can further boost their productivity with these ChatGPT plugins by helping them write papers or create presentations for example.

In this blog post, we’ll go over some of the best ChatGPT plugins for students. We’ll cover plugin applications from research assistance, writing assistants, presentation tools to visual design. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of each GPT plugin, and briefly show you how to use them with examples.

Do you want to learn more about ChatGPT plugins? Take a look at their introduction to find all the ins and outs.

Let’s dive in!

Top 10 ChatGPT plugins for students

1. Consensus

You usually don’t know where ChatGPT gathers its information, which can be quite the problem when writing an academic essay. Consensus changes things. This ChatGPT plugin searches through over 200 million academic papers to give you science based answers with accurate citations.

How to use

You can use Consensus by writing down a question you have about your research paper. Consensus will then go through your question and filter keywords which it can use to search through its sources. It will give you a summary from the picked out papers with your needed information to answer your question. 

Consensus ChatGPT plugin example answer
Consensus GPT example


  • Timesaving: You do not have to search through databases yourself to get relevant articles and papers. 
  • Multiple data sources: Because of its use of multiple databases you have a wide range of sources which improves your papers credibility.


  • No full access to pay-walled papers: Consensus shows abstracts/metadata but can not provide full-access to pay-walled research papers.

2. Wolfram

Wolfram has the power to give you the needed explanation and visualization to your mathematical problems. The plugin uses the Wolfram Alpha computational knowledge engine. Wolfram Alpha is great at solving tough calculations, analyzing data, and providing facts across many subjects like math, science, engineering, and economics. Here are a few things that Wolfram Alpha can solve for you: Integral calculation, Derivative computation, Equation solving, Matrix operations, Vector analysis, Complex numbers, Probability distribution and much more. With the Wolfram GPT Plugin you can now use all of this directly in ChatGPT.

How to use

Write down your question in the Wolfram plugin. Wolfram will then explain your question step by step and give you the needed visualization and data tables. It is great because it uses its language skills to give detailed explanations which are easy to understand.

Wolfram ChatGPT plugin example answer 1/3
Wolfram GPT Example 1/3
Wolfram example answer 2/3
Wolfram GPT Example 2/3
Wolfram example answer 3/3
Wolfram GPT Example 3/3


  • Powerful calculations: Because of Wolframs access to the powerful Wolfram Alpha computational knowledge engine can solve complex math problems with step by step explanations.
  • Data analysis: Wolfram can visualize and analyze datasets with the help of graphs, charts, and tables.
  • Integrated Explanations: ChatGPT combines Wolfram’s outputs with natural language explanations for better understanding.


  • Query Dependency: Your query, the question you ask Wolfram has to be framed and clear. Otherwise it could result in an answer that has insufficient quality.
  • Oversimplification Risk: You can not fully rely on Wolfram and ChatGPT’s explanation. Because they might oversimplify complex concepts. So keep using your brain.

3. Scholar GPT

Just like Consensus, Scholar GPT is a ChatGPT plugin which can help you find legitimate sources you need to write your papers. The plugin scans trusted academic databases like Google Scholar to provide a list of relevant and authoritative sources. You’ll see titles, authors, abstracts and links to the full publications. The best part? You can then ask ChatGPT for summaries, analyses or citations of those sources – all within the same conversation!

How to use

It might be getting kind of repetitive but using the ChatGPT plugins overall is quite easy. Simply write down your research query in the Scholar GPT plugin, and it will scour through reputable academic databases. Giving you the answers and papers you want and need. 

Scholar GPT plugin example answer
Scholar GPT example


  • Timesaving: The plugin saves you time by quickly searching across major academic databases and giving you relevant sources in one place, eliminating the need for tedious searches on your own.
  • Access to credible sources: Scholar GPT pulls results from reputable databases like Google Scholar, PubMed, arXiv and more. Hereby ensuring you get access to high-quality research papers and articles.
  • Interdisciplinary research: The plugin covers a wide range of disciplines, from sciences to humanities.


  • Citation inaccuracies: While convenient, automatic citations generated by ChatGPT may need manual verification against citation style guides.
  • Critical evaluation: The plugin cannot replace the critical evaluation skills needed to assess source credibility and research quality.

4. Write for me

As a student you have to write a lot of papers and essays yourself. Practically every student comes to the point where you don’t know where to go, what to write or if your writing is any good. Write for me is the perfect ChatGPT plugin to help you at these moments. Write for me has the power to improve your writing skills by using its advanced natural language processing. Furthermore it can improve your writing by giving feedback and suggesting changes to your own piece.

How to use

You can use the Write for me GPT plugin by giving instructions about the topic or idea you would like it to write about. The plugin will then write you an answer on the instructions given. If you like some pieces to be changed you can just keep on chatting. Then it will change its answer and tailor it to your needs.

Write For Me ChatGPT plugin example answer
Write For Me ChatGPT Plugin example


  • Ideation and creativity: By suggesting new ideas, perspectives and sourcing relevant information, the plugin can help spark creativity and overcome writer’s block.
  • Improved writing quality: The natural language generation capabilities allow the plugin to produce well-structured, coherent and articulate content tailored to your needs.
  • Writing assistance: Write for me can help with everything from research and outlining to drafting, editing and polishing your work.
  • Versatility: The plugin can assist with various types of content, like essays, articles, stories, reports, scripts, and more across different styles and tones.


  • Lack of originality: The AI-generated content may lack true original thinking and could inadvertently reproduce biases present in the training data.
  • Factual errors: The plugin may generate factual inaccuracies, especially on niche or fast evolving topics its training data lacks full context on.
  • No real comprehension: The AI used lacks true comprehension of the subject matter and simply stitches together plausible responses based on patterns in data.

5. Presentation GPT by SlideSpeak

Creating a presentation from scratch can be a time consuming task, but Presentation GPT is here to change the way you approach this challenge. The SlideSpeak Presentation ChatGPT Plugin can craft entire slide decks from the ground up, complete with visually nice slides.

How to use

Presentation GPT by SlideSpeak offers two main modes of operation. First, you can provide a simple prompt or outline, and the AI will generate a comprehensive presentation tailored to your specifications. Alternatively, you can upload an existing document, and Presentation GPT will transform the content into a captivating slide deck.

Presentation GPT by SlideSpeak ChatGPT plugin example answer 1/3
Presentation GPT by SlideSpeak example 1/3
Presentation GPT by SlideSpeak example answer 2/3
Presentation GPT by SlideSpeak example 2/3
Presentation GPT by SlideSpeak example answer 3/3
Presentation GPT by SlideSpeak example 3/3


  • Effortless Presentation Creation: Save countless hours by delegating the entire presentation creation process to SlideSpeak’s advanced AI capabilities.
  • Visually Appealing Designs: Enjoy beautifully designed slides that incorporate relevant images, graphics, and layouts to enhance your message.
  • Presentation flow: Presentation GPT crafts engaging narratives that flow seamlessly from one slide to the next.


  • Potential Inaccuracies: While SlideSpeak strives for accuracy, its interpretations of complex topics may not always be perfect, requiring some manual review and editing.
  • Limited Customization: The AI-generated designs and narratives may require additional customization to align perfectly with your brand and style preferences.

6. Diagrams: Show Me

Diagrams: Show Me is the ChatGPT plugin for students that struggle to make things visual. It can be very time consuming and it can be hard to find a program where you get visually nice diagrams. Diagrams: Show Me does the hard work for you. This plugin helps you make diagrams and illustrations for your papers, presentations and essays by making them according to your descriptions and data.

How to use

Make a description of the visual you have in mind. Diagrams: Show Me will do the rest for you.

Diagrams: Show Me ChatGPT plugin example answer
Diagrams: Show Me example


Quick Understanding: It simplifies complex topics, making them easier to grasp quickly through visual representation.
Enhanced Problem-Solving: It aids in breaking down complex problems into simpler, visual steps, fostering better problem-solving skills.
Engaging Presentations: It helps create visually appealing presentations, making the information more engaging and easier to convey to others.


Learning Curve: For those not familiar with creating or interpreting diagrams, there might be an initial learning curve.
Over-Simplification: Sometimes, complex ideas might be oversimplified in a diagram, potentially missing out on important nuances.

7. Canva

The ChatGPT plugin for Canva is a handy tool that helps students create great-looking projects fast. It uses AI to offer quick suggestions, making it perfect for school presentations, posters, and study guides. This plugin simplifies design work, helping you find cool ideas without spending too much time. Whether you’re working on a science fair poster or a presentation for history class, this tool makes it easier to get your work done and look good. With this plugin, students can make their school projects stand out and save time on design. Instead of clicking around in the Canva interface you can simply ask the ChatGPT Plugin to create the designs for you. Let’s see how this works…

How to use

Describe the kind of design you need in the Canva plugin, and it will generate an infographic, poster, or cover sheet which most suits your needs. Once generated, you can easily fine-tune and polish the design using Canva’s user-friendly editing tools.

Canva ChatGPT plugin example answer
Canva ChatGPT Plugin Example


Automated search: You do not have to look for a template yourself anymore. The ChatGPT plugin searches for the best fitting template for your needs.
Canva’s editing: Canva is a widely popular and intuitive design platform, allowing you to further refine and customize the AI-generated designs to your liking.


No text in template: You might think with all these powerful AI plugins that there will be text already filled in from your given information in the template. Unfortunately not so, you’ll still have to put in some work yourself.
Limited customization in the AI phase: While you can provide general guidelines, the AI-generated designs may require significant editing to achieve your desired look.

8. Video Insights

Video Insights is a GPT Plugin that helps students understand videos better. It can summarize videos, point out the important parts, and answer questions about what you watched. It’s perfect for getting the main ideas fast when you’re preparing for exams or need help with homework.

Often times professors upload videos from their lecture, wouldn’t it be awesome to simply get a summary of the last lecture that you couldn’t attend because of that party that your friends are throwing? Well… this plugin is for you!

How to use

Simply provide Video Insights with a video URL, and it will generate a detailed summary, highlighting key points, concepts, and even sentiment analysis. You can also ask specific questions about the video’s content, and the plugin will provide precise answers, complete with timestamps for easy reference.

Video Insights ChatGPT plugin example answer
Video Insights Plugin example


  • Time-saving: No more scouring through videos, Video Insights does the heavy lifting for you.
  • Comprehensive understanding: Gain a thorough grasp of the video’s content, ensuring you don’t miss any critical information.
  • Targeted insights: Ask specific questions and receive targeted answers, making it easier to find the information you need.


  • Limited video length: Without a paid plan for Video Insights you will be limited in your video length. So you won’t be able to cut those long lectures short with your free plan.
  • Potential inaccuracies: While the plugin strives for accuracy, its understanding of complex or niche topics may not be flawless.

9. Tutor Me

“Tutor Me” is a special ChatGPT Plugin that can teach you about math, science, and history and more. BUT… here’s the special thing: It doesn’t just tell you the answers, it shows you how to figure them out by yourself. For example, if you’re having trouble with math questions, don’t understand a science concept, or want to know more about an event in history, the “Tutor Me” plugin can help you understand. It’s great for homework, getting ready for tests or exams, or learning new things. Whether you’re writing about a famous person or solving math problems, “Tutor Me” makes learning easy and fun.

How to use

Explain the topic or problem you’re struggling with, and Tutor Me will provide step-by-step explanations, examples, and personalized feedback to help you grasp the material. You can even share your work or code snippets, and the plugin will offer targeted suggestions for improvement.

Tutor Me ChatGPT plugin example answer
Tutor Me example


  • Personalized tutoring: Receive tailored guidance specific to your needs and learning style.
  • Instant assistance: No more waiting for tutoring appointments, Tutor Me is available whenever you need it.
  • Diverse subject coverage: Whether it’s math, science, coding, or anything in between, Tutor Me has you covered.


  • Limited interactivity: While Tutor Me can provide explanations and feedback, it may lack the dynamic back-and-forth of a human tutor.
  • Potential oversimplification: In an effort to make concepts more accessible, the plugin may oversimplify complex topics.

10. Doc Maker

“Doc Maker” is a GPT plugin that helps students create all sorts of documents like project reports, job resumes, and school presentations. You just tell it what kind of document you need, and it helps you make it, step by step. For example, if you need to make a science project report or a resume for a job application, “Doc Maker” can guide you. Once you’re done, you can turn your document into formats like PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or CSV. It’s perfect for school assignments, making your own study guides, or even getting ready for job applications, making document creation easy and fast.

How to use

Provide Doc Maker with the content you want to include in your document, whether it’s text, images, or data. The plugin will then give you a link to your formatted document, which can come complete with a table of contents, headings, and consistent styling. You can even specify your preferred layout and design elements for a truly personalized touch.

Doc Maker ChatGPT plugin example answer 1/3
Doc Maker example 1/3
Doc Maker ChatGPT plugin Example answer 1/3
Doc Maker example 2/3
Doc Maker example answer 3/3
Doc Maker example 3/3


  • Effortless formatting: Say goodbye to the hassle of manual formatting, Doc Maker handles it all for you.
  • Consistent styling: Ensure a cohesive and professional look across all your documents.
  • Time-saving: Focus on your content while Doc Maker takes care of the presentation.


  • Limited customization: While Doc Maker offers some customization options, more advanced design needs may require manual tweaking.
  • Potential formatting issues: Depending on the complexity of your content, Doc Maker may occasionally struggle with intricate formatting requirements.

In Conclusion: Boost your Academic work with the Best ChatGPT Plugins for Students

As students, we know the academic journey can be a challenging one, juggling assignments, research, and presentations. But have no fear, because the best ChatGPT plugins for students are here to revolutionize the way you approach your studies.

From research powerhouses like Consensus and Scholar GPT to writing companions like Write for Me, these AI-driven tools have got your back. Need to craft a captivating presentation? Slide into SlideSpeak’s Presentation GPT. Feeling creative? Canva’s plugin will help you design gorgeous visuals.

Don’t forget: Video Insights for mastering those lengthy lectures, Tutor Me for demystifying complex concepts, and Doc Maker for document perfection.

Embrace these plugins and let them be your secret weapons to streamline workflows, boost productivity, and maybe even carve out some extra free time (dream big!). Just remember, while these tools are designed to enhance your abilities, they can never replace that brilliant mind of yours.

Get ready to conquer those assignments with confidence. The future of learning is here, and it’s powered by the best ChatGPT plugins for students.


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